Pension Consolidation

Most people accrue at least a few pension pots over their lifetime, either by setting up personal pensions or through automatic enrolment when starting new jobs. Pension consolidation takes all of your various pension pots and combines them into just one or two. This may be with one of your existing providers, or you may be better off moving to a completely new provider.

Why consolidate pensions?

Most of the time, it makes sense to bring pensions together into one pot. Pension consolidation could help you to:

  • Simplify your retirement strategy
  • Reduce fees and charges
  • Increase flexibility
  • Access additional benefits
  • Maximise growth potential

Sometimes, it may not be ideal to consolidate a pension – for example, final salary pensions could lose their benefits if consolidated. That is why it is essential to speak to an independent pensions adviser before making any decisions.

How our advisers can help

Our independent advisers have access to the whole pension market, which means they look to find the most suitable option for you based on your current circumstances and future retirement plans.

Consolidating pensions with the expertise of our advisers also means you have full access to a wealth of pension knowledge, including the type of pension income that suits your needs. It may also help to maximise growth potential by reducing management and platform fees, leaving more in the pot for investment growth year on year.