Sustainable Model Portfolio Service

Imperium Advice by My Pension Expert and LGT Wealth Management understand that some investors are becoming increasingly interested in ethical or sustainable investing. The Sustainable Model Portfolio Service offers this option. 

Funds include renewable energies, financial inclusion, social housing, education, and climate change action, and are identified through Positive Screening, Negative Screening, and Impact Screening. They align with LGT Wealth Management’s own sustainable strategy too, which includes targets such as moving from a carbon neutral company to a net-zero company by 2030, using only renewable energy by 2025, and continuing to allocate a minimum of 10% LGT Group dividends to philanthropic activities.

At Imperium Advice, we think it is also important to support clients in offsetting their own carbon footprint, which is why we donate to Oblong Tree’s Carbon Offset programme on behalf of each of our clients invested in the Sustainable Model Portfolio Service.

The Sustainable Model Portfolio Service has five portfolios to choose from, based on your risk appetite and capacity for loss. The below table shows the targets for each portfolio.

Portfolio TypeVolatility %Annualised Return % (over five years)Maximum Loss (over twelve months)
Defensive 2.00 – 4.753.0 – 4.5-5.0
Cautious4.0 – 7.04.5 – 6.0-9.1
Balanced5.0 – 9.05.2 – 7.5-13.5
Growth8.0 – 13.06.0 – 8.0-19.0
Adventurous10.0 – 16.07.0 – 10.0-25.0

When investing, your capital is at risk; the fund value may fluctuate and can go down as well as up.