Fees and Charges

With any investment service, fees and charges will occur. At My Pension Expert, we believe in total transparency with all charges and fees, and that extends to our Imperium Advice clients. 

The active management of funds takes a lot of research and time. The payoff is that you can feel safe in the knowledge that your money is well-managed, with experienced advisers and market analysis delivering key insights that inform fund allocation decisions. The hand-selection of funds, plus the dedicated advice when you need it, means fees and charges are incurred. However, we believe that the potential returns of well selected, appropriate investments – made in the knowledge of your risk appetite and capacity for loss – outweigh these charges in the long term. 

What costs are involved with Imperium Advice? 

The charges you pay depend on the amount and where you choose to invest. Your Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) will talk you through the fees and charges for total clarity. 

Overall, there are five different types of fees and charges that you may need to pay: 

Initial Advice FeeImperium Advice takes an initial advice fee for the advice and recommendation we provide regarding your investments. It is a percentage of your total fund and covers the time you spend with your IFA for your assessment of circumstances and options.
Fund ChargeWhen your financial adviser recommends an investment product and a fund portfolio, there is a fund charge for the one you choose to invest in. How much this costs depends on the type of portfolio you choose.
Platform ChargeAn investment platform is how your money is invested. You have full access to it so that you can follow the performance of your investments. 
Ongoing Advice Fee An ongoing advice fee allows for year-round access to a dedicated adviser, including annual reviews of your investments and income strategies, advice on changes to risk attitude and capacity for loss, and regular informative market insights.
Discretionary Fund Management Charge A Discretionary Fund Management charge is similar to your ongoing advice fee for your IFA. You will have a dedicated fund manager actively managing your funds to ensure they reflect and anticipate market changes. 

How do I pay my fees? 

The initial advice fee can be paid from the product itself (such as the pension or investment value when it is transferred), or you can pay it directly. This is a one-time fee. 

The remaining charges are taken by the investment platform from your investment capital. Your IFA will make sure you are fully informed of all charges you will need to pay from your invested capital.