Model Portfolio Service

If a Bespoke Portfolio is not for you, Imperium Advice offers access to LGT Vestra’s Model Portfolio Service, which offers five portfolios and one income solution. Each portfolio is designed to suit a unique risk tolerance, allowing you to find the investments that suit you.

Defensive PortfolioThe objective is to preserve capital with a cautious approach. The portfolio is diversified across asset classes but with no more than 40% invested in equities or other risk assets. Target volatility: 2% – 4.75%.
Cautious PortfolioAims to achieve moderate growth with low-to-medium allocation across diverse funds. No greater than 55% is invested in equities and other risk assets. Target volatility: 4% – 7%.
Balance PortfolioWith an aim to achieve growth above inflation, this is a diversified portfolio with medium allocation and no greater than 75% in equities and risk assets. Target volatility: 5% – 9%.
Growth PortfolioThe objective is to gain above-average capital growth with medium-to-high allocation to funds, including no more than 85% in equities and risk assets. Target volatility 8% – 13%.
Adventurous PortfolioFor those with a high-risk attitude and high capacity for loss, funds are invested across a diverse range with up to 100% in equities and risk assets. Target volatility: 10% – 16%.
Strategic Income PortfolioAims to achieve returns above inflation, including a target income yield of 3.5% through a diverse allocation of cash, bonds, and equities.

When investing, your capital is at risk; the fund value may fluctuate and can go down as well as up.