Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance

Our Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) policy is at the heart of our services and covers every aspect of what we have to offer. Our ESG is regularly monitored and assessed, with frequent communications to colleagues about their role in incorporating ESG values into daily activities.


We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint where possible to achieve our goal of a carbon neutral policy.

To limit our environmental impact, we encourage home working to reduce the need for staff to travel to our single-site, energy efficient office. We also support schemes such as Cycle to Work to help our employees reduce personal emissions when they do attend the office. On top of this, we assess all third-party suppliers to ensure they meet our ESG requirements.

Paperwork is kept to a minimum. When we do print, we use only Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) accredited paper and printers, and any papers no longer required are securely recycled.

Partnering with Oblong Trees

We are also offsetting our carbon footprint through monthly contributions to a tree-planting programme. Oblong Trees is a not for profit organisation that helps businesses to reduce their environmental impact with a carbon offset programme; planting trees here in the UK and around the world to help mitigate unavoidable carbon. My Pension Expert partakes in the Oblong initiative, with contributions on behalf of each employee.

Furthermore, in order to support our clients in leading a sustainable lifestyle, we also make a one-off donation to have 20 trees planted on behalf of all Imperium Advice clients invested in LGT Wealth Management’s Sustainable Model Portfolio Service.


Our social commitment to our colleagues is extended to their health and safety, whether working at the office or from a remote location. All employees undertake a health and safety assessment when they join us to ensure safe working. We also respect and promote diversity and inclusion across the business and avoid discrimination in the workplace.

Outside of the business, we are keen to have a positive social impact, both locally and nationally. That is why we explore opportunities to give back where we can. Our board and employees do frequent fundraising activities for our local charity, St John’s Hospice, and we also look to support other charities where possible, such as Women’s Aid and Shelter, through our sponsorship operations.

Corporate Governance

Our Governance guidelines encompass our overall values. This means board appointees are from a range of diverse backgrounds across a range of gender, skills, and experience levels. In addition, remuneration structures are aligned to promote long-term performance, with promotion from within actively encouraged where possible.