Bespoke Portfolio Service

Imperium Advice clients have access to LGT Wealth Management’s Bespoke Portfolio Service (BPS), giving them complete control of their pension investment decisions. With insight from your Independent Financial Adviser and Discretionary Fund Manager (DFM), you can create a unique portfolio that aligns with your retirement strategy, including your objectives, risk tolerance, and capacity for loss. 

Bespoke Portfolio Benefits

With a BPS approach, you have access to a dedicated fund manager and a range of investment structures, such as direct equities and bonds. Your DFM will help you to select funds to diversify your portfolio as you choose, or you can leave it to their knowledge – it is as hands-on (or off) as you like. Once your portfolio has been created, your DFM will actively manage it based upon market insights and expert knowledge. 

Tailored, staggered investments phase investment of assets to smooth out the effects of market movements while offering a bespoke investment solution suited to your objectives. Paired with ongoing due diligence, this strategy ensures that your portfolio remains optimised to reflect your desired positioning, both at creation and for the long term.